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I’m best selling Author of Be Free: A holistic guide to freedom from anxiety, stress and low mood for life, Meditation and Mindfulness Coach, Life Coach, Founder of the Be Free Coaching Method for Anxiety and an Advanced Reiki Healer. Owner and Founder of The Sanctuary, Health, Well-being and Creative space in North East Scotland


All these studies and titles do mean something but what is really important is experience. I’d suffered from Anxiety and Panic attacks from the age of 15, I was chronically stressed, suffered from depression, psiorosis covered my body, I self harmed and yet from the outside looking in I had the perfect life. I was bright, great family, great job yet it got to the point in my early 30’s that I was bedridden. Crippled with stress and anxiety that body couldn’t take any more. It was only at this point When my option was stay in bed or take action. So I have been to the depths of depression, edge of anxiety and found my way back to a life I love and with lasting tools to support me.  

For now, join me as you discover a sense of your own self whether it be through Reiki, Meditation & Mindfulness, Coaching or my book. Everything is designed to bring you back to self-love and appreciation.  

With love, Susi x

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