Listening to your body? Are you fighting the tide?

How often do you listen to your body? Do you keep pushing through when the overwhelm hits? Do you head to work when when your feeling not quite right thinking you will rest later?


Let’s check in if you are fighting the tide or allowing the flow.


I am writing this blog today from my bed. I’ve had the most incredible couple of weeks. My health has began to rise and I have been feeling great.


Yay don’t you love those weeks when everything is in flow?


Today however I woke with a sore throat, sore ear, fatigue and just generally feeling not quite right. My intention as I headed to bed last night was one of waking early, taking the dog to the beach and then starting work with a spring in my step.


We have phrase in Scotland called “ripping the arse out of it” this could also be called doing things to extreme, pushing the limits, or for those of you who over do things burning the candle at both ends.


Safe to say...

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Emotions, Sensitivity and Suffering

Emotions, Sensitivity and Suffering


(I will be doing more personal blogging and sharing. This is what I am being guided to share today)


I had a revelation today. I am currently working through Julia Cameron’s, The Artists Way, morning pages and it's bloody challenging writing everyday in this way. But every day once you get the petulant, child out of the way i.e this is hard, there’s so many others things i could be doing, why did I decide to do this, I could just stop etc etc , there is always a nugget of something appears, a poem, an inspired thought, an alignment to who you truly are. 


I am a hugely sensitive and emotional person and during this period of ill health I have really felt a little lost, overwhelmed by my symptoms, emotions and pain. But what I have come to realise and always do when healing is that it is all necessary. 


There have been many times where all I have wanted to do is sit under the trees, reiki the...

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How to Manage Social Anxiety

When I first started having panic attacks at the age of 15 it would nearly always be on a night out with my friends. When the doctor asked what would trigger me I really wouldn’t know. I didn’t understand why they would take place when I was doing something I loved? Fast forward 23 years and being in public places, Going for dinner, the movies, a concert, airports, train stations sometimes even food shopping would and still sometimes can send me in a spin. Anywhere, where there is lots going on really. But now I have the tools to cope better. 


Have you ever felt so nervous and sick that you felt like you might pass out? Experience panic and hyper ventilation.  This was my go to feeling, coupled with dizziness, chest pain and inability to focus properly and balance. Sounds pretty crap huh? Well yes it can be but I won’t let it beat me and control my life. I’ve learnt some coping skills along the way and thought I’d share them with you.


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When The Healing Gets Too Much, Grab Some Tootie Fruities and Remember Who You Are

When The Healing Gets Too Much, Grab Some Tootie Fruities and  Remember Who You Are 


As a self confessed self development  and spiritual junkie one thing I have learnt the hard way is sometimes, you can be doing too much self development. Sounds confusing right. Are you thinking but Susi, surely improving myself is a good thing? 


Yes it is great to look at old patterns that aren't serving you, mindset blocks that are holding you back, working through traumas big and small, maybe revisiting subjects and issues that you’d buried. Inner child work, looking back at your childhood and how this has shaped who you are. The list goes on and you can dig deeper and deeper and deeper. But what I would say is that there can be a dark side to this. 


Yes looking at the hard things is important, this is often called shadow work. Looking at the sides of you, you want to hide, the parts of you where you maybe feel shame, guilt and less than. The...

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My Favourite Crystals for Meditation and How to Use Them

My Favourite Crystals for Meditation


Susi what crystals would you suggest for meditation and how would you use them? This is a question that often comes up towards the end of my 5 weeks to Calm course, and from people within my membership space so I thought I would pop it all together in this blog for you.


Adding additional things to our meditation practice such as crystals and essential oils (next blog soon!) can add a great support, depth and new dimension to your meditation session. I’ve made some suggestions of crystals you could use for certain supports however I would caveat that with there is nothing more powerful when selecting a crystal than using your intuition.


Although I have done a small crystals course, my journey to using crystals has been incredible. I have nearly always gone with my gut during selection and then found out the meaning of that crystal after. I would say 99% of the time I’m like wow, that makes so much sense....

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The Blackbird, the Pigeon and the Gluten Free Pizza, Two ideas to simplify your life, and tune in

Last week I had some interesting experiences with nature. I want to share some ideas with you today that might support you in leading a life that feels more aligned and simple.


I was doing a distance reiki for a client and I felt guided to draw a card for her. I choose an animal deck and the card that came through was the blackbird. The black bird was a beautiful message to her and made so much sense. I then was doing another distance reiki for a client. I could hear a bird singing so loudly. I wasn’t sure if it was on the music I was playing or real. I paused the music and looked out the window. Here was a beautiful blackbird singing and signing and quite happy with itself in the sun. I then went on to pass the black birds message on to this client too.


The blackbird is here to urge us to follow our spiritual path. To help us find our hidden purpose, meaning and potential. To create a life of passion and purpose.


I thought wow thank you blackbird.


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Self Help and Levelling Up Your Path to Living and Incredible Life or Is it?

Self Help and Levelling Up Your Path to Living and Incredible Life or Is it?


I read a quote yesterday about levelling up and it got me thinking. The quote was along the lines of “Level up for you, not to impress”. Do you make a conscious decision to invest in levelling up or self-help? For me self-development, growth and levelling up allow me to live a life that is expansiveness, it gives me options and adds depth. There has been times though when maybe I was seeking a bit too much and not recognising my own power and capacity to figure things out. As well as the growth we need to allow the information and experience to imbed into our lives and add that depth and flavour.


I am a self-help junkie, I have read hundreds of self-help/development books. In fact let’s call it self-development instead of self-help. Self-help sounds a little desperate. Although in many cases I have been desperately seeking solutions to problems or challenges I was facing....

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Processing Grief: Personal Blog

I wouldn't normally share blogs like this here. I went to upload this to my old personal blog from 2014 but couldn't access it. Sharing it here. 

Processing Grief: Healing Mantra Deck

I draw my card and it comes up again. “Processing grief: My losses Prove How Deeply I loved”

 As I celebrated mothers day and my 42 birthday last week I did feel grief, but not that crippling, all consuming dark cloud of grief. More a pang, and gentle sadness wash over me. I haven’t written like this for a while and as I do tears begin to stream.

 As I draw this card again for the umpteenth time. I am urged to reflect and what’s left unprocessed. Yesterday I came to the realisation that my body was probably never likely to conceive naturally, and the odds were against me. To be fair, the odds were always against me, not due to age, but haven been told numerous times that we couldn’t conceive naturally. Then with current pelvic issues it’s really a big...

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Crystals to Support Anxiety and Depression

In this blog I will cover my top 5 Crystals for Anxiety, Depression and Stress relief, how to use them, how to prepare them, and how to care for them so they care for you. Enjoy!


I’m a bit of a magpie it has to be said and I love crystals. Gorgeous sparkly crystals and catch my eye and my heart every time.




I remember as a child having a small velvet pouch with crystals in it, I’d saved up for one of those magazines where you got something free each week. I remember reading and learning and being so excited by these gorgeous crystals that I was receiving. As I went through life I gathered more crystals, crystal jewellery, crystal Angels and other little shaped  crystal items.


I didn't know an awful lot about them just that I was attracted to them and that's the gift to remember. That often we worry that we don't know enough but actually where crystals are concerned working intuitively with what you are guided to, can be a really...

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Dreaming and Soaring: The Solution to Feeling Stuck and Overwhelmed

I don’t know about you but as an adult I don’t really spend much time daydreaming. Just staring into the unknown, out the window watching life. As children we witness life so differently. Watching everything with wide eyed interest and curiosity. The simple twinkle of light reflecting on something can invoke such joy. As adults this simplicity is often overlooked as foolish, a waste of time and we often tell children to stop daydreaming and concentrate. Concentrate on what?


In meditation we will often use a single object as a focus of concentration our breath, a candle, or something else physical. This aids as a focus to calm our overactive mind. In mindfulness we bring awareness to all that surrounds us, engaging the senses, often labelling thought, tree, flower, joy, happiness sadness. But what lies between the two?


Giving ourself space to dream can seem frivolous when in our modern day culture it is often deemed a success to be busy. But where does busy...

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