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Susi on Stage


“ A good story needs only a good story teller” ~ Richard Bausch

When you have a message to convey , the power lives in the story. As an author, speaker, blogger, teacher and coach, I get how important it is to deliver the message in an inspirational and unforgettable way. Engaging with your audience is key, leaving them with a memorable and valuable experience. 

Looking for a speaker for your next event or company training?


I have spoken to a range of people from the general public, charity and non profits, and also within both the private and public sectors. I have delivered on a wide range of topics including:


  • Coping with Adversity

  • Identification of Stress and Anxiety and Appropriate Support Tools to Reduce workplace stress

  • Creating the Life of Your Dreams (and how to create it)

  • Introduction to Mindfulness

  • Rituals and Routines to Create Success

  • Why Meditation is the Key to Productivity and Clarity

  • Gratitude and Mindset

  • Juggling Life as a Mumprenuer

  • Leading a Holistic Life

  • My Anxiety Story: Why our past does not define our future

If you have a message to convey or are looking for someone to inspire and ignite your audience contact me.


We can create a speech that is as bespoke and individual as your audience. 

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