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So, you are interested in Essential Oils?

Here you will find the TOOLS you need to help you towards possible change in your life!  

Listen to my journey

My journey with essential oils began many years ago, however my life and use of essential oils changed during my mum's cancer journey. I discovered DoTerra. Doterra offered me the quality and the safety I was looking for. These certified therapeutic grade oils brought us so much, physically, mentally and emotionally. As a family essential oils are now part of our daily wellness routines. They offer us natural solutions to support our health. What started out as a  reactive response to my mum's cancer has now become a huge passion of mine and one I want to share and empower as many people/families as possible.

Do you want to take charge & start your own journey to well-being?

Kits & Essentials

A selection of kits & essentials available 


Emotional Aromatherapy

This kit includes: Cheer Uplifting Blend • Console Comforting Blend • Forgive Renewing Blend • Motivate Encouraging Blend • Peace Reassuring Blend

Oh my how this has become a lifeline to me. This kit helps keep my emotions and feelings in check. All the bottles are pre mixed with a carrier oil so you can apply direct to your skin. Great for popping in a handbag. This kit does not include your enrolment fee. In order to start with this kit please add the enrolment pack to your cart, then item number 21850001. This will ensure that you get your wholesale membership enabling all year round wholesale pricing. Plus All my wholesale clients receive a free wellness review, welcome pack and access to our high vibe online community and ongoing support.

Individual Price: £138.33 Price including Enrolment: £132.55 This is a great deal as it works out cheaper to take out the enrolment and then benefit from wholesale pricing on all other products for a year!


Family Essentials Kit

Essentials Oils: 5 ML BOTTLES: • Lavender • Lemon • Peppermint • Melaleuca • Oregano • Frankincense • Deep Blue™ • dōTERRA Air™ • ZenGest™ • dōTERRA On Guard™

This is a super popular choice I contains all the same oils as in the home essentials but in smaller bottles. It’s beautifully presented in it’s awesome little case. Really  handy for home use. 

Other Products and Support: • Peppermint Beadlets • dōTERRA On Guard™ Beadlets • dōTERRA Essentials Booklet. Includes your wholesale membership enabling all year round wholesale pricing. All my clients receive a free wellness review, welcome pack and access to our high vibe online community and ongoing support. £122.00


Home Essentials Kit

Essential Oils: (15 ml each) • Frankincense • Lavender • Lemon • Melaleuca • Oregano • Peppermint

Essential Oil Blends: (15 ml unless otherwise noted) • dōTERRA Air™ • Deep Blue™ (5 ml) • ZenGest™ • dōTERRA On Guard™ 

This was the kit that started my oily journey. Ready to rock with my 10 bottles of oil and my diffuser. I wanted to be able to support my mum and my family. My mum was going through cancer treatment and my family numerous issues with ill health. 

This was my driver, my reason why I connected with my oils. This covered all avenues. This kit is also fab for therapists and those who may work with essential oils. 

The Be Free: Kit

​The Spirit and Soul Be Free: Overcoming Anxiety Kit





I created this kit and protocol to support myself and clients from stress, anxiety and overwhelm. This is a selection of my daily go to support to assist you live the most vibrant and healthy life. 

Includes your wholesale membership enabling all year round wholesale pricing. Free daily protocol download. Pill Box*. All my clients receive a free wellness review, welcome pack and access to our high vibe online community and ongoing support. £189.80 including shipping.


(*Download and pillbox will be sent direct from me, direct to you once you have placed your enrolment order) 

WANT THIS KIT? Click the link below to purchase now


Please read


Select join and save, then add the following items to your cart. As this is a customised kit you will need to add the items individually. This will enable you to get your wholesale discount: doTERRA Essentials Booklet + Enrolment Fee, Lemon Essential Oil (60204656), Wild Orange Essential Oil (60204655), Balance Essential Oil (60204667), Serenity Essential Oil (60203845), Daily Nutrient Pack (this contains your Omega Oils and Food Nutrient Complex (d21490001), PB Assist (3516001).

Then you are good to go!

Free Training Videos

Get to know more about Essential Oils with some FREE video training

What is an Essential


Essential Oils 101 for Beginners

Moods & Emotions with Essential Oils

Interested in finding out more?

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