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 Spirit & Soul are happy to announce partnership with Medichecks to offer you home health testing. This offers us the ability to see exactly where we are within our body. For me, Cortisol testing is a great tool for addressing current stress levels and it’s a great place to start. You will find links below to my top pick of tests along with an exclusive discount code for my Spirit and Soul Community. You must use the links below to receive this awesome discount. Discount code is SPIRIT10 after using the links below. 

Your health is everything.


Whatever your stage of life, be the best you can be with a simple, personal health check you can do at home. From steps to calories to sleep, tracking our health has never been easier. But how do you really know your lifestyle changes are having a positive impact on your health? The only way to know is to measure what is happening on the inside.  Start tracking what really matters with a health check from Medichecks.

Could testing be for you?


1) You want an easy, convenient health check

2) You’d like to see if you diet and lifestyle could be healthier

3) You want to proactively manage your health

With over 700 health and fitness tests, from hormones and vitamins, to diabetes and cholesterol – there’s something for everyone.

How it works:  Simply order your test online. Take your sample at home or at a Medichecks partner clinic. Post your sample to the lab and receive your results online with doctor’s recommendations. It’s that easy!

Get Medichecked today.

Check out my TOP tests for checking overall health and well-being:

Cortisol, Adrenals and Tiredness and Fatigue Tests

Health and Lifestyle Checks

Magnesium Check

Thyroid Check

Vitamin B12 Check

Hormone Testing

View all tests here and to get 10% off using code SPIRIT10. If you are a current client and wish an in person chat or are a current coaching client we can add this is a service to your package.

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