Be Free with Susi McWilliam

Be Free with Susi McWilliam

Hosted by: Susi McWilliam

Welcome to the Be Free Podcast. Join me and guest experts as we chat and share all the things health, wellbeing, mindset and happiness. Our struggles and challenges and how we overcame them. I'll be creating...

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Intuitive Guidance Meditation with Susi McWilliam

Bit of a different podcast today. Thought I would share my intuitive guidance meditation with you. Today in the podcast I extend gratitude to each and everyone one of you who listens. We have over 40 episodes now, and...
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Building Confidence through Personal Style and Colour with Claire Praom

Do you lack confidence, struggle to feel confident shopping and knowing what suits you? Do you lack body confidence? Do you hide behind your clothes? In this conversation I chat to confidence coach and personal...
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Am I a failure? with Susi McWilliam

Hey Lovely, Do you feel a like a failure? Have you given up on something and now feel regret? Do you feel that you should have managed to cope, to keep going? There are many things in my life I feel I have failed at,...
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I Don’t Know Who I am Anymore? Coping with Change and Identity with Susi McWilliam

Hey Lovely, In today's episode I discuss how life's changes can cause us to lose our identity. What is identity and can it change? Why we get stuck and lost and what to do about it, recognising what we want from life...
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Modern Day Shamanism with Ken Morton

Hey Lovely, In today's episode I chat with Ken Morton. Ken is a holistic therapist, counsellor, podcaster, healer and Shaman based in the north east of Scotland. We cover a huge range of diverse topics. We explore...
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Anxious to Aligned - Manifesting Your Dream Life with Anxiety with Loren Cellentani

Hello my loves Join me and manifestation expert, podcaster and coach Loren Cellentani as we chat all things emotions, anxiety, vibrational living, holistic health and how to use your lower vibe emotions to sky rocket...
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Meditation 101 with Susi McWilliam

Hello My Loves, I know so many of you have meditation questions, you want to start and build a consistent practice but it can feel overwhelming or you might think it's not for you. In this episode I debunk those...
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EMDR, CBT, Trauma and Self Worth with Joanna Bieszczad

What can I say other than once you listen to this I guarantee you will want to reach out and try some of the healing modalities Joanna speaks about. In this episode we learn what is EMDR and CBT, and what are they...
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Communication, Breakdowns and Mental Health with Stuart Mcwilliam

Hello My Loves, Today I am welcoming my husband Stuart McWilliam to come live and chat with me. We started this podcast with the intention of discussing communication, however this podcast took some different turns...
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Supporting parents of Teens with Anise Frost

Hello Lovely, Whether you are a parent of teens, have teen nieces and nephews or recognise that you were once a teen this episode offers so much incredible insight. In this episode we discuss why this period can feel...
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EFT, 16 Guidelines and Teen Mindfulness with Gillian Watt

This episode shares so many incredible modalities to support you with your mental health. Gillian's inspiring approach to challenges offers us an insight into the strength and resilience that we can all access as...
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Burnout and Feminine Energy

Hello My Loves, This is an additional bonus personal episode I felt guided to share with you. I am having a huge realisation around my energy and really wanted to discuss this with you. Having experienced burnout and...
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