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Digital Detoxing

Updated: Jan 26

I was getting an increasing awareness of feeling disconnected with life, ungrounded and a bit spacey. I’d spent a few days working in various places and very little time outside. I never feel quite right unless I get to connect with nature.

The more time I spend working with clients one on one, the less time I have to respond and connect virtually with clients. I love connecting with clients, friends, relatives all the time. Being with and speaking to people is my love. Whether that be on a personal or professional level.

Technology is fantastic for this, we can however got lost in the process. Side tracked and sucked in, in directions we didn’t intend to. This lead me to a bit of digital overwhelm.

I decided as an experiment to myself to switch off for the day, go offline. A day is nothing some may think but its harder than I thought.

So it began. I posted the day before on my business social media saying that if it was an emergency to call me. Yes old school and my favourite way of communication. Dial me up, have a chat! Still in principle digital but I’d made a wee exception.

As it turned out the day I’d chosen to switch off and unplug from technology I was ill. So ill and bedded. This actually made it harder as needed to contact some friends to look after my horses, let family know how I was. This then resulted in: Essential Texts From Other people not including my responses: 20! (organising horses, letting my family know how I was feeling, cancelling clients due to illness.)

Not cool 20 messages before 9am hmmmmm. The day progressed and I snuggled on the sofa with a magazine, I loved it!

Because I wasn’t feeling great my next move was to look up suggested essential oils to help me. Here’s what I noticed and gained from this experience. I already knew the answers, but typically I would have double checked and looked up on my app. Instead I delved into a beautiful book and it confirmed what I already knew. Here’s the deal, how many times do we question or own knowledge and experience? This second checking and doubting surely puts lack of trust and confidence in ourselves. It got me thinking as to how enjoyable it is to truly research something form a book, to actively look for information instead of google. It brought me back to student days of researching in the library and really getting to know our chosen subjects not just picking the info that appeals.

As my Ipad pinged away with emails and messages I could watch them come in and appear one by one, two by two, three by ………….. you get the idea. Not acting upon them was so hard. It forced me to be completely mindful in what I was doing and that was resting and recouperating.

When I’m ill it tends to be when my best ideas come, things will flow and head is swirling with great things to go and action. I’m an action kind of girl, patience although I have it with other people I do not hold it so well with myself. I see something and I need it done, implemented before something else equally as exciting can happen and needs implemented.

I love to share and realised how frequently I share things that come to me. I wanted to share my findings as I went, I wanted to share some of the great articles I was reading, the great book, the essential oils I was using and my thoughts.

But I couldn’t I had to just be, rest and chill. My daughter ended up having to stay home with me as I was too ill to drive her to school. Then came the next deviation off the no digital day. TV! We ended up watching Thoroughly Modern Millie together. This moment just mother and daughter snuggled up on the sofa with our dog watching this classic was worth the deviation. I didn’t feel guilty about it. I embraced the moment of togetherness. Reminiscing about watching old movies with my own mum when we would be cuddling watching Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers. Would we have done this if I wasn’t on a digital detox? Probably not as I would have emailing, instagramming and facebooking. Missing out on this valuable opportunity to create a memory.

Next deviation, went and had a bath and decided to listen to a guided meditation. It wasn’t until I’d left my bath that I realised I had used my phone! Doh! And again I’d turned to technology. This was so natural, mindless and habitual.

As the day progressed I became aware of how much time I had at my fingertips, how much I’d enjoyed reading and learning instead of dipping in and out of things. It made me realise how valuable technology is but how it can also steal us away form cosy moments like watching a movie with my daughter.

It gave me a chance to breathe and take stock.

Here is what I missed:

Facebook Notifications:66

Messenger Messages:8

Instagram Notifications:14

Whatsapp Messages:12

Emails: 73

Pinterest Notifications:17

Needless to say I woke early the following day to respond, but I felt clearer and less under pressure. The pressure to respond immediately is our own choice. Others may not understand but you can choose! I’m going to be more mindful in my interactions and regularly switch off all communications in the evenings to be with my family.

I know overuse of technology drains me and leaves me feeling disconnected so I owe it to myself to monitor my use.

If you feel your being drawn into using your phone, ipad etc more than you are living in the moment, then try it. Whether its for a day, week or even just an evening. See how you feel, the opportunity you can find, the chance to breath and feel free.

Love and Live Your Light Susi x

Love and Live Your Light

Susi xxxxx

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