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Ideas are Like Seeds

Updated: Jan 26

As I left my financial planner the other day I was thinking about the future and all that I have going on at the moment and it struck me that Ideas are like seeds. We have this momentary thought, idea and it is only when we show it love, plant it, cultivate it, nourish and support it does it form.

We are often left feeling like we are stuck, that nothing is happening fast but un-beknown to us, these seeds are growing roots, deepening, evolving and taking form.

I’m a huge fan of journaling and have a collection of books of ideas, business ideas, goals, life plans, dreams and facts. I firmly believe in the law of attraction and intention setting and it is something that I practice in my daily life. It is something that blows my mind. Some can see it as woo woo or for the scientific and business minded it be that we are positively focussing on a clear goal so ultimately it is more likely to happen. Either way by getting clear on what it is were really looking for and giving it the energy it deserves, not in a forceful way it allows your idea to bloom.

My life in the moment is currently super charged into this stage of growth and blooming all the while, I had felt like I was walking through mud.

I have had a few business’s in my time and probably hundreds of apprentice style business ideas. I love looking through my old biz ideas and seeing how these have in some way impacted and woven their way into what I am doing now. Most of my previous business ideas we’re gap in the market and consumer need driven which ultimately is what we need to do to be successful in business, fulfil a consumer need.

But my current business is so much more than that. It is about me leading my business with a soul lead passion, serving people, empowering, sharing, loving and providing people not so much with something they can buy and hold in their hands, but something that can impact and support them for the rest of their lives. You may think what has all this business stuff have to do with seeds?

The ideas I teach, the healing I give and the products I sell are there for people to feed and nourish their own seeds. My customers may or may not instantly feel better, or become meditation masters, but they will (initially sometimes unknowingly) be evolving. And that seed of wellbeing, positive mental health, joy and light will begin to take root. And its not until further down the line we reflect and think about how far we have come, how much better we feel in ourselves, how much more respect we have for ourselves and others do we realise that we are beginning to bloom.

Ultimately we are our own healers, and with patience understanding and support we can truly bloom into the most beautiful, wonderous and vibrant selves.

Love and Live Your Light

Susi xxxxx

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