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The Magic of Cherry Blossom

Updated: Jan 26

The Magic of The Cherry Blossom

Cherry blossom is something I have always found so staggeringly beautiful. I love this time of year as it floats off the trees and lands on the ground creating a beautiful carpet of pink.

As I was driving along the road yesterday I was moved by how looking at the cherry blossom made me feel. It fills me with pure childlike joy and fascination. Children have a wonderful way of exploring and viewing the world which we can all learn from.

It is only through my journey with meditation and mindfulness I rediscovered this wonderous feeling of seeing the world with fresh eyes. Not eyes that are blinkered to adult responsibility and stress and but ones which can laugh and cry with sheer joy at bumble bee’s, butterflies and the dew on the grass.

The childlike nature which allows us to be our true selves, walk barefoot in the grass, run, jump and cuddle.

I have been saying for years that I will put a cherry blossom tree in my garden and still not done it. As I drove and saw the trees I vowed that I would get on.

I moved into my new home, a farmhouse in the middle of winter. It was cold and dark and the trees in the garden all looked dead. The past few weeks they are beginning to sprout leaves and shoots and this fills me with joy and excitement and I’m in awe of what nature endures then flourishes again. There is so much we can learn from nature.

Looking around my garden for the spot to put my cherry blossom, I’m at a loss. There’s a huge amount of small trees all around my garden and a large one in the middle and not really a space for the cherry blossom to go.

I leave that idea, for the time being and just enjoy the beautiful trees I already have. My House is over a hundred years old and I wander what these trees have seen and the weather they have endured and the joy they must have brought the previous people who lived here.

Then it happens! All the Cherry blossom trees I have seen are now shedding their beautiful pink flowers and petals. As I open my curtains, stretch to do my sun salutations and look to my garden the magic unfolds. I see my largest oldest tree right in the centre of my garden, has some pink flowers on it. I look again totally confused and I can see 1, 2, 3 ,4 5………………..bunches and bunches of magical cherry blossom appearing in the branches. I give thanks, I could cry and am so amazed at this wonderful happening.

It was there all the time waiting for me, when I was ready to see it. Often we go through life looking and searching and desiring something. When ultimately it is often right there, under our noses, waiting for the time of submission, and surrender to reveal itself.

So embrace the childlike magic, surrender to life to joy and see what magic unfolds.

Love and Live Your Light

Susi xxxx

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