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How to Have The Best First Day Back At School!

Top tips for a stress free first day back to school

Back to school can provoke so many feelings, excitement, fear, dread, tiredness and can be a worrying time for parent and child alike. I've created this 2 day back to school plan to get you heading towarsd that first day and beyond with a smile on your face and love in your heart. Let me know how it goes!

2 Days to Go!

-Lay out clothes ensure you’ve e got school bags packed, gym kit, pencil case, tote bags indoor shoes

-get up closer to school wake up time

-have a chat during the day to ask how they are feeling so you can alleviate any fears or worries before the day.

-bedtime at school bedtime, use your diffuser and diffuse lavender oil in bedroom 1 hour before bedtime. Take time to enjoy this time together read, chat make it as stress free as possible.

1 Day to Go!

-get up around school wake up time

-diffuse wild orange and lemon to get that zingy mood boosting vibes on the go

-prep lunchbox

-ensure both you and your child’s clothes are laid out

-set alarm

-same as night before diffuse lavender for a great nights sleep, enjoy a story, chat or meditation together. Have water by your child’s bed. Pre-empt any usual time tactics to stay up later

-make sure you get a decent sleep too

Back to School Day!

-wake up a good half hour, to hour before your child

-get yourself showered and dressed so once your child is up you can solely concentrate on them.

-get the wild orange and peppermint cranked up for the ultimate natural wake up and mood boost!

-wake your little one, have a lovely hug

-help them get ready and organised

-have a healthy or favourite breakie ready for them. We love overnight oats, my little one loves making these the night before.

-once ready for school roll on some Doterra Cheer essential oil in a heart shape on their chest or wrists and inhale together! (If particularly worried or anxious you could use Doterra Wild Orange or Balance)

-say the affirmation ‘I am awesome’ 3 times

Finish with a huge Hug and have an amazing first day back!

Love and Live Your Light Susi xxx

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