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Coconut Oil Pulling 101

Updated: Jan 26

My best friend introduced me to this many years ago. As a coconut oil lover and being game to try anything that could improve my health I gave it a ago.

Oil pulling is a traditional Ayurvedic technique used for detoxing in your mouth. It has been used for centuries as a traditional Indian remedy for numerous conditions including: tooth decay, bad breath, whitening teeth, immune system boosting, strengthening the jaw and teeth and the biggy for me, reduces inflammation and toxins throughout the body.

How does it work? As we sleep bacteria and toxins build within the mouth. Oil pulling is done first thing in the morning prior to eating, drinking or brushing. The oil pulling works by cleansing and detoxing the oral cavity. It sucks and draws out all the nasties. The antiseptic and anti bacterial coconut oil cleans up your mouth.

You take a spoonful of coconut oil, or an oil pulling tab. You can make these yourself at home. Simply gently melt some coconut oil in a jug or bowl. Pour whilst runny into an ice cube tray and allow to set (I like to add 3 drops of therapeutic grade peppermint essential oil to my mix. Please ensure that the oil you use is suitable for internal usage). I pop these into a pretty kilner jar by my bedside so I can grab one first thing on waking. But to start with I literally had a jar of coconut oil and a teaspoon by my bed and would scoop it straight into my mouth.

Once you have your oil let the fun commence. At first it will be quite unusual. I think it’s a marmite activity some people love it and some not so much. Once you get past the unusualness and tune into the results its amazing! Pop your oil in your mouth, if solid it will begin to melt. Then its time to engage your inner child and swoosh around your mouth and through your teeth as if it were jelly. Pulling the oil in and around. Continue to do this for around 15 minutes. You can wander around doing yoga, meditation, showering or prepping for your day ahead. Once finished you want to spit the oil direct to the bin. Not your sink or else it will get blocked.

Want to know more check out this fabbie post from one of my faves. Dr Axe.

Woo hoo sparkly healthy nashers.

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Love and Live Your Light Susi xxxxxxxxxxxx

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