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3 Ways to Clear and Cleanse Your Energy

As an empath, HSP and someone who works a lot with energy ensuring I cleanse my energy of my body and home are so deeply important to me.

You only have to step into a room where there has been an argument to feel the energy shift, or spend time with someone who always complains to feel yourself dragged down. Did you know that you will absorb some of that energy.

Energy management and supporting ourselves vibrationally is so important. I have spent the past 15 months really diving deeply into supporting myself vibrationally and prior to that it was something I was hugely fascinated and interested in.

Clearing the energy and starting and ending each day with a blank slate, calling your own energy back to you and clearing anyone else’s that isn’t your own is vitally important to your health.

As vibrational beings we absorb others energy like sponges, be that the people you live with, your environment, TV programmes, socials, your absorbing energy all the time. Often to the point we don't realise what is ours and what is somebody else's.

Let me share some of my favourite ways to clean that slate and allow you to connect with your own vibrational force.

When doing any kind of energy work, it is so important to consider your intention. I always set the intention of clearing any lower vibrations and asking for them to be transmuted with light and love, gifted to the earth. I ask that all energy that isn’t my own be returned to its rightful person and that all my own energy is called back to me.

Use one of these 3, with the intention of clearing any negative energy and watch your mood and energy rise


1: Smudging an ancient practice of clearing energy using smoke, this can be via sage like the pic, incense, Palo Santo or other herb bundles. Always source your products from an ethical source. To cleanse your self simply light your chosen product. You then waft the smoke around your body, Above your head, behind, below feet all over. Asking that the smoke cleanse and clear.

For a deeper practice you can also do the flowing. This is adapted from the work of Denise Lyn.

Cup smoke in your hands and pour over your crown repeating cleanse this area so that I may think more clearly.

Cup smoke in your hand and wash over the third eye repeating cleanse this space to that I may see more fully.

Cup smoke in your hand and wash over your throat repeating cleanse this space so that I may speak more truthfully.

Cup smoke in your hands then wash over your heart repeating cleanse this space so that I may act from compassion and love.

Should you wish to cleanse your home which I recommend doing at least monthly. Start at your front door and go from room to room. Waft the smoke in a clockwise direction as you walk around the room. Again say out loud or set the intention of clearing any lower energies and filling the space with love. You can even set the intention for each room. So your bedroom you may wish to promote rest, kitchen wellbeing, living spaces joy and laughter and so on. Have fun with it.

2: Sound, use positive music, bells, chimes or singing bowls to boost vibration and clear energy. This is great for room clearing. I’d advise following the same process as with smudging your home and work clock wise, paying attention to corners, and nooks and crannies. Use the sound to break up stagnant energy.

Also I love to play Solfeggio Frequencies in my home to promote positive vibrations and healing. Listen to some here.

3: Showering Or Bathing. Using water to cleanse the energy of the day from your body. This is a favourite for me. Water is such a powerful tool for cleansing and clearing. I highly recommend using Epsom salts and bathing a couple of times a week if you can. Salt is excellent for energy clearing. If you don’t have a bath or time for a bath a shower will do. Again set the intention, visualise all the energy that isn’t yours being washed away. Then pure clear energy being washed over you. Or you can even use a salt scrub too.

Find out more about this in my book Be Free, or via my group coaching programme where I will personally guide you through these processes and more so your energy will be sparkly clean, clear and ready to vibrate higher

See you sparkly self soon, say goodbye to negative nellies!

With Love Susi xx

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