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5 Covid Teachings Second Time Round

So got the all clear from COVID yesterday woooo hoo. These imposed times of stopping, slowing down and really your only focus being on healing and nurturing can offer some really great wisdom.

The interesting thing is, I wasn’t seeking any wisdom. I wasn’t trying to figure out the why me? What’s my body telling me deep dive I usually do. I just kicked back into surrender and nurture.

I emailed my homeopath straight away as I know she had done a huge deal of research and supporting people through covid previously. She gave me a deep homeopathic protocol to do for 24 hours. Taking the homeopathic medicine every two hours, nothing but rest and water, lemon and honey and light food.

As my husband had previously been hospitalised with covid 2 years ago, I chose to completely isolate from my family. So I stayed in my bedroom on my own for the whole duration other than to go to the toilet.

I spent mothers day in a room on my own. I had a

facetime from my eldest daughter which was beautiful. But it was really unusual. During this time as well I also missed a friends funeral. I sat lit a candle and connected in.

I also decided to not go on social media so I could really switch off. I have to say it felt amazing.

So Lesson number 1: I didn’t miss social media. Returning I may keep it off my phone and only check in mindfully once a day via my iPad or computer.

During this time I finished 5 books, and started another. 3 were new and 2 I had already started. This felt so great. I read a variety of subjects including Christmas Fiction. This brought me so much joy and really calmed and focussed my minds chatter. The mind chatters LOT when you have no one to speak to! (I purposely chose not to speak to anyone and save my throat and voice and prevent coughing).

Lesson 2: I adore reading. I absolutely love romantic fiction.

During this time my appetite wasn’t great, I had no sense of smell and all I wanted my body to do was focus on healing. In the run up to catching covid I had lots of birthday lunches out, meals etc. I had said that I was done and ready to return to my healthy eating ways. Too much sugar, too much dairy and too much processed food. It wasn’t feeling great.

One thing I have learnt is the more high vibe your diet becomes the less you can tolerate low vibe foods. All I ate was fruit, smoothies, juices and soup and my body was so grateful. I nourished it with supplements and supported it with essential oils and herbs. The mucus eased quickly. The thought of eating anything animal based including eggs and cheese made me feel sick and it felt wrong.

Lesson 3: Time to move from mostly vegetarian diet to mostly vegan.

Whilst lying in bed trusty journal beside me, I would occasionally write. I would make notes of thoughts, feeling and guidance. I was guided to spend more time with my father. I was reminded of my annual goal this year which was to write my next book HEAL and to work with the law of attraction and the aligning with the universe. I was guided to spend more time at home, being a homemaker, DIY in my home, cooking nourishing food for my family, being in my garden growing produce and to spend more time with my horses. I guess to truly value all I already have and the possibility of what’s to come. I was guided again I am enough. The solitude, me my journal and inner voice allowed me to connect with what really matters to me.

Lesson 4: Your journal and intuition are your best friends

I have a course this weekend that I have been looking forward too and know it will be a big pivotal changing point for me this weekend. Usually I would be panicking that I wouldn’t be able to make it. Instead I knew in my heart that what was meant to happen would. I had this inner knowing that my current experience of covid was preparing me. It was a huge detox and reminder to stay in a higher vibration. To treat my body, mind and spirit with so much love and respect. That all I no longer needed was shedding. It was a recalibration and upgrade. Then my menstrual cycle started 10 days early. The clearing and detoxing really was in flow. I felt better able to understand this clearing, the sweats the oodles of water, the nutrient dense food all supporting this shift.

Lesson 5: Trust the divine timing and Universal Plan

So today is Friday, the course is tomorrow. I am testing negative and passed the isolation times and all is well. I am feeling a lot better, still resting and tuning in. Made some delicious high vibe food for my weekend. I will be away this weekend learning Living in The Pink Ray and becoming a Heart Healing Therapist, working with Arch Angel Haniel and I cannot think of a more perfect space to be in.

Speak soon my beautiful loves

Susi xxx

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