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Crystals to Support Anxiety and Depression

Updated: Jan 26

In this blog I will cover my top 5 Crystals for Anxiety, Depression and Stress relief, how to use them, how to prepare them, and how to care for them so they care for you. Enjoy!

I’m a bit of a magpie it has to be said and I love crystals. Gorgeous sparkly crystals and catch my eye and my heart every time.

I remember as a child having a small velvet pouch with crystals in it, I’d saved up for one of those magazines where you got something free each week. I remember reading and learning and being so excited by these gorgeous crystals that I was receiving. As I went through life I gathered more crystals, crystal jewellery, crystal Angels and other little shaped crystal items.

I didn't know an awful lot about them just that I was attracted to them and that's the gift to remember. That often we worry that we don't know enough but actually where crystals are concerned working intuitively with what you are guided to, can be a really powerful way to use them.

Crystals carry different properties and energies. Each crystal offering you vibrational support. Within this blog I aim to take you through my favourite crystals for supporting anxiety, depression and stress. I mentioned crystals in my book and that's because I really do believe that they can be a valuable support to you on your pathway to being free from anxiety.

Let's begin.

My top five crystals (oh my there’s so many to choose form but trying to keep it focussed lol) for anxiety support, depression and stress are:

1: Tigers eye

2: Blue lace agate

3: Amethyst

4: Rose Quartz

5: Citrine

Here’s a bit about why I love each one and why I feel they are great for anxiety, stress and depression.

Tigers Eye: Ooooooo this stone is so beautiful and deep and protective. This is my favourite crystal for grounding. It’s beautiful earthy tones help connect you back with mama earth. Out of your head and connecting back into your body. Tigers eye supports us in finding courage, resilience and strength. It helps you feel grounded and safe when you may otherwise be feeling overwhelmed.

Blue Lace Agate: Calming dreamy blue crystal. This crystal allows us to almost to take a beautiful big sigh. It allows us to connect with our truth not the false craziness of our anxiety. This crystal calms the mind, promotes feelings of nurturing support. Great for kids too. And I love it for supporting with restful dreams and sleep.

Amethyst: I think this was probably the first crystal I owned and its one many of you may be familiar with. This gorgeous purple sparkly beauty will support you in feeling protected from negativity. It can help you feel safe which is a key thing when looking for support from anxiety, stress or depression. Another one which is great for sleep, great calming the mind and I love it for meditation and all round healing vibes.

Rose Quartz: Another familiar favourite which you may have come across. This is the heart healer. A crystals that will really help you connect into that space of self love, compassion and forgiveness. Because hey if you suffer from anxiety, stress and low mood I bet you aren’t kind to yourself all the time. This stone allows us to forgive or self destructive behaviour and connect with unconditional love for ourself.

Citrine: Ooooooo this is my ultimate fave crystal I would say. This gorgeous yellow crystal invokes sensations of joy, optimism and positivity. It help you create the life you want free form Anxiety, Stress and Depression. This crystal attracts all the good things. Abundance in all areas, health, success, relationships, wealth. Who doesn’t want more abundance.

How to Use them: With regards to your crystals you can use them in a number of ways. Here’s some suggestions to get you started.

1:Carrying Them: You can carry them on your person, I used to keep mine in my bra. Yip it’s a thing! Depending on your crystal size and shape ha ha. Or carry in your pockets and hold for support when you need it.

2: Meditation: You can hold them during meditation too. During meditation you can also place crystals on you to support your practice and healing process.

3: Infuse with Water: Rose quartz and amethyst are great infused with some water. Then you can drink it. (side note not all crystals can be used in this way)

4: Place in a supportive location in your home or work: You could pop the crystals in a certain place in your home or somewhere you can connect with them.

5: Struggling with sleep pop them under your pillow.

How to get them Ready to Use: When you get your crystals home, I’d advise you to rinse them with cold running water to clear any existing energy they may have absorbed. Or you can sage them or use incense and hold above the smoke to clear any old energy. Then lay your crystals for a day in the sunlight of a windowsill or moonlight on a full moon to charge them up. Then hold your crystal and ask that it support you and your highest good and give thanks. Then you are good to go!

How to Keep Them Working and Supporting You Moving Forward: Crystals do absorb energy from you and your surroundings. In order to keep them at their optimum most powerful and supportive selfs, treat them with love and compassion. Clean them regularly and recharge as described. Do this and they will support you as long as you need it.

Let me know which crystal is your favourite?

With Love and Healing Vibes

Susi xx

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