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Full Moon Ritual (Oct 2023, can be used anytime though)

Every full moon will carry different energies but also many similarities too. Each individual will be affected by the moons energies differently. For me this full moon as I type this on Friday 27th October 2023 feels almost celebratory. Definitely reflective but in a different way than usual so lets create a ritual that truly supports and embraces this energy.

I wish you to see this moon as putting you in the spotlight. Imagine standing with the moon light on you. Shining a light on your magnificence. Celebrating yourself can sometimes feel uncomfortable. I know certainly for me it has always been something I struggle with.

Through this ritual we will embrace celebration, shining a light on our successes and creating a sacred pause in our lives.

This moon known as the Hunters moon occurs on Saturday 28th, we are also experiencing a partial lunar eclipse and halloween is around the corner. So the intensity is high, but the opportunity is also high. So just know your rituals will be supercharged at this time.

This will be the ritual I will be doing on Saturday

Grab a journal, pen, crystals, smudging tool (incense, oils, or sage etc)

1: Prepare your space. Find somewhere quiet you won't be disturbed. Clear your space ready for your ritual time. (Want to know how to clear your space check out this blog here)

2: Ground yourself in your space, take some deep breaths, breathing up and down your spine. Anchor yourself into the moment.

3: Place your hands on your heart and listen to this song by Peia; Blessed We Are;

4: Breathe deeply, for around 10 rounds of breath

5: Open your eyes, grab your journal and write a gratitude rampage. Write as many things you are grateful in your life currently.

6: Visualise yourself on a mossy stage in nature, moonlight shining on you. The moonlight casts shadows behind you. I want you to write down things you have overcome, write down achievements big and small that you can celebrate. It could be anything. Standing up for yourself, overcoming a challenge, making a brave decision, write it all. Remember any pain and struggles you have overcome.

The past is behind you, you are somewhere different now. It's time to celebrate those achievements, shine light on them and leave the past challenges in the shadows.

7: Write down on a piece of paper words you could use to describe yourself based on these achievements. Words that you wish to amplify moving forwards. Maybe resilience, courage, joy, strength, humour. Select words and characteristics you have embodied and wish to keep.

8: Cleanse your crystals with your smudging tools or intention.

9: Once you have done this, place your words or empowerment on a windowsill and place some of your crystal on top. Ask that these crystal be infused with the energy of these words so that they may support you in the month ahead. (leave these overnight ir two nights). Then use these crystals during the months ahead for mediation, ritual, support.

10: Again pause, breathe deeply. If you love working with music you can play this song by Garth Stevenson; Ten Thousand Saints;

Breathe, smile, hands on heart. Visualise breathing in moonlight, clearing your body and filling you with vibrant energy. Smile and celebrate and be in gratitude for where you are right now at this moment. You are a being of light, time to shine that light brighter.

As a final part and to add something extra

9: Treat yourself to some flowers or a visual gift you can look at to celebrate yourself, how far you have come and pause and enjoy this moment. Use this visual to build connection to your success, growth, achievement and healing.

I hope this full moon ritual supports you at this time. You are needed, wonderful, unique and beautiful.

Susi xxx

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