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How to Clean Your Diffusers and Washing Machine Naturally in 5 Easy Steps

*photo credit: Hanna Lesnaya, unsplash

Hello my lovely,

So its been a wild stormy day in the North East of Scotland which meant I never to a huge amount of time for my nature fix. But what I did get was the lovely opportunity to connect in with some writing, Christmas movie watching with my daughter, cooking and some natural cleaning.

It got me thinking about how much I loved to share in the past the changes I was making at home to live a cleaner less toxic life. I guess I now do all these things without thinking anymore but thought maybe you might like a little super simple, cleaning tip to help reduce the toxins in your home and support living a healthier life.

I had noticed some black marks on my washing machine door and detergent compartment and also black marks on my diffusers. You really do not want mould and yucky build up spreading into your home. Especially if you are then diffusing it into the air.

You maybe never even thought about cleaning your diffuser before now. Here's my top tips for keeping them sparkly clean so your oils smell amazing and support your healthy home.

How to Clean Your Diffusers in 5 easy steps

1: Half fill the water reservoir with water then add 2 tablespoons white vinegar

2: Run for 5 minutes (this will break down oily deposits and begin the cleaning)

3: Once run, pour down sink, and wipe out inside of diffuser with a soft damp cloth, which has been popped in gentle washing up liquid and water mix.

4: Place Diffuser lids (as long as nothing electrical) into warm soapy water and wash gently with a dish brush and soft cloth to clear any residue or difficult to reach areas.

5: Dry all components off, pop back together and grab your fave oils and diffuse creating a beautiful vibe

Looking to buy a diffuser or essential oils then head to my essential oil pages for a look.

Do you clean your washing machine? Or do you assume because it is washing things it is already clean? Detergent and dirt can build up within your machine, sometimes leaving a yucky smell on your clothes. We have horses and a dog so are frequently washing muddy items so build up can happen super quick. Our washing machine is very well used. I always ensure that we maintain as chemical free home as possible and love finding natural solutions to make cleaning affordable and healthy. Here's how I clean our machine.

How to Clean Your Washing Machine in 5 Easy Steps Chemical Free

1: I simply pour some white vinegar directly into the drum, laundry detergent and fabric softener sections.

2: Wipe the inside the drum and seals with white vinegar

3: Pop washing machine on at the highest wash setting and run a full cycle

4: Once finished remove if possible the laundry detergent drawers and wash and wipe out throughly with warm water to remove any mould or build up.

5: Wipe all seals and door seal to remove black build up.

Hope you found these tips helpful, feel free to share and let me know how you get on.

With Love and happy home vibes

Susi xxx

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