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Life is Softening a Poem by Susi McWilliam

Life is softening

What if you wake and move gently into your day

Give up the harsh struggle and pain

You are being offered another way

Life is softening

What if you place your hands over your womb and give thanks to this space of creation. Give thanks to your parents, elders, ancestors and self

Life is softening

What if instead of illness, dis-ease, and uncomfortable sensations. You chose I am healing, I am growing, my health improves daily.

Life is softening

What if instead of fighting, hustling, pushing. You could rest, explore with curiosity, seek support and solutions.

Life is softening.

What if the support you’re seeking is right beneath your feet from Mother Earth herself. What if the beauty you’re seeking is right above you in father sky. What if the thoughts you are desiring can be changed. Ask and you shall receive.

Life is softening

Release, release, trust and have faith

Because life is softening

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