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Listening to your body? Are you fighting the tide?

Updated: Jan 26

How often do you listen to your body? Do you keep pushing through when the overwhelm hits? Do you head to work when when your feeling not quite right thinking you will rest later?

Let’s check in if you are fighting the tide or allowing the flow.

I am writing this blog today from my bed. I’ve had the most incredible couple of weeks. My health has began to rise and I have been feeling great.

Yay don’t you love those weeks when everything is in flow?

Today however I woke with a sore throat, sore ear, fatigue and just generally feeling not quite right. My intention as I headed to bed last night was one of waking early, taking the dog to the beach and then starting work with a spring in my step.

We have phrase in Scotland called “ripping the arse out of it” this could also be called doing things to extreme, pushing the limits, or for those of you who over do things burning the candle at both ends.

Safe to say I’d been riding high, challenging myself mentally, physically, being back at work, school holidays etc.

So today I have taken an at home day, leisurely bath, meditation, some journaling and rest. Blessed I can do this with my work. Work from my bed, dip in and dip out today doing what feels good for me mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

But the purpose of this blog is to recognise that me taking this day to rest, process and recoup doesn’t come naturally to me. It has taken me a long time to overcome the guilt of resting, the sense of not being good enough, fit enough.

That conditioned response that many of us have to stress, poor health, or busier periods is that we can just push through. Once we get to the other side we can stop and recoup. The only thing is by that time maybe the damage has been done. Or there is no other side just a perpetual hamster wheel of doing.

By damage I am talking lowering your immune system, increased stress and tension on your body, anxiety, sensations of overwhelm, maybe emotional outbursts with loved ones or those close to you. Not getting enough or disrupted sleep, reaching for lower vibe options such as alcohol, food or other things as coping mechanisms. And potentially burnout or Illness.

When we fight the tide so to speak, we resist our bodies need for rest, recovery and processing emotions. This is when these things will bubble under our subconscious. The tension builds up in the body into physical aches and pains, headaches, migraines, and mysterious things appear.

You may think will Susi your the lucky one you can take time off to rest. I get, I am fortunate I can work form my bed, and set up my day how I wish. But what I would say is rest and recouping is available to us all.

Maybe its taking an hour at night to have a bath, 5 minutes through the day to meditate, a day at the weekend to stay in bed and watch movies, having dinner with a friend. It’s all about working these points into our week so that we can feel our best despite the busyness of life.

Do you need rest? Or do you need to be around high vibe people? Simply closing down your eyes, breathing and asking yourself what do I need, body, mind, and soul. Allowing those answers to flow.

Building in those pockets of joy, happiness and connection will allow you to have more energy for the things you love and even the things you don’t love.

So its time to stop fighting the tide, slow down, check in and allow yourself the grace to realign frequently, before you find yourself out at sea drowning. The tide will always win. So flow with it not fight it.

With Love Susi xx

p.s when I asked myself that question above “What do I need body, mind and soul?” The answers that came for me were body, Yin Yoga, Mind: Watch and old movie and , Soul: Cry. No logic, just trust your body and give it what it needs. Off to go pick an old movie xx

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