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Self Help and Levelling Up Your Path to Living and Incredible Life or Is it?

Updated: Jan 26

Self Help and Levelling Up Your Path to Living and Incredible Life or Is it?

I read a quote yesterday about levelling up and it got me thinking. The quote was along the lines of “Level up for you, not to impress”. Do you make a conscious decision to invest in levelling up or self-help? For me self-development, growth and levelling up allow me to live a life that is expansiveness, it gives me options and adds depth. There has been times though when maybe I was seeking a bit too much and not recognising my own power and capacity to figure things out. As well as the growth we need to allow the information and experience to imbed into our lives and add that depth and flavour.

I am a self-help junkie, I have read hundreds of self-help/development books. In fact let’s call it self-development instead of self-help. Self-help sounds a little desperate. Although in many cases I have been desperately seeking solutions to problems or challenges I was facing. I’ve attended numerous courses, am always studying, and invest heavily in coaching and myself.

When faced with challenge we have a few options 1: Run, 2: Remain stuck going round in circles, 3: Acceptance and also remaining where we are 4: Learn and grow. Each of these solutions is actually acceptable and there is no right or wrong way to deal with challenge as each will be so different. But when we choose number 4 epic sh*t can happen. We recognise that we are more powerful than we thought, we recognise that our potential is greater than we imagined.

As human beings we were gifted the capacity to learn, to experience emotion, to experience life in so many ways. So why would we stop learning?

I recognise study maybe isn’t for everyone but you can learn and up-level in so many ways.

What does up-level even mean? It mean to rise up, to move forward, to tap more deeply into that sense of self and what you are truly capable of.

Maybe its learning new skills for work, maybe its learning to cook new recipes, maybe its seeking support with healing, maybe its engaging in something you are passionate about e.g painting.

Investing in our selves by gifting us time to build in an area of our life is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves. Adding depth and meaning to our days. I’ve popped my 5 reasons for up-levelling or self development below

1: Looking to build confidence and get greater knowledge in something

2: Looking to learn more about an area that fascinates you

3: Feeling stuck and unsure how to proceed with something

4: Embrace a new challenge

5: Decision to take your power back in a situation

Note how not one of these suggest there is something wrong with you, or that you are less than. These 5 reasons take courage and action and that is far from being less than. Each of these is an empowered decision.

There may be times in your life where you do not need to grow and develop. Maybe the time you are in, is the time to imbed the learnings. To take the action, and walk the walk.

The walking the walk is so important. There is no point learning and growing if you do not then enjoy it, live it!

For me I feel we all deserve a life that feels expansive, where we have options, where we can seek support without embarrassment or feeling were failing. I want everyone to live life full out, to experience it all, to travel the path they deserve to live without limitations.

So tell me where are you now? Are you imbedding your learnings or developing and growing?

With Love

Susi xxx

picture credit Alysha Rosly

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