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She Gave a Poem by Susi McWilliam

She gave all she could

She gave love to those who felt unloveable

She gave hugs to those who lacked connection

She gave support to those who felt weak

She gave positivity to those who felt low

She held their hands as they navigated fear

She listened to those who felt unheard

She gave hope to those who felt helpless

Then came life

It swept in and chipped at her soul

Challenge after challenge, it eroded her edge

She began to fade

The energy she lovingly gave was gone

The positivity she shared diminished

Fragments of her soul blew away on the wind

She closed her weary eyes, her ancestors and guides appeared

They stroked her, wrapped her in blankets and fed her soup

They rubbed her feet and hugged her

They gently held her hand as she walked

They showed her, her beauty and filled her soul

Piece by piece they put her back together

A different and beautiful masterpiece

Only then did she realise she was enough

She was loved

She is love

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