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The Blackbird, the Pigeon and the Gluten Free Pizza, Two ideas to simplify your life, and tune in

Updated: Jan 26

Last week I had some interesting experiences with nature. I want to share some ideas with you today that might support you in leading a life that feels more aligned and simple.

I was doing a distance reiki for a client and I felt guided to draw a card for her. I choose an animal deck and the card that came through was the blackbird. The black bird was a beautiful message to her and made so much sense. I then was doing another distance reiki for a client. I could hear a bird singing so loudly. I wasn’t sure if it was on the music I was playing or real. I paused the music and looked out the window. Here was a beautiful blackbird singing and signing and quite happy with itself in the sun. I then went on to pass the black birds message on to this client too.

The blackbird is here to urge us to follow our spiritual path. To help us find our hidden purpose, meaning and potential. To create a life of passion and purpose.

I thought wow thank you blackbird.

As I went to see my horses here was Mr blackbird following me to. Singing to me. I felt the strongest connection. It was a little nudge for me to go look at the blackbird card and meaning in the book. By the time I had got into the house I had forgotten all about it. Nothing new there ha ha. Until Stuart said to me. There’s a card on the table have you read it. Oh yeah, I had drawn a card that morning, and again had got distracted getting Lili ready for school that I hadn’t yet returned to connect with the meaning. The card I had drawn was about committing to studying spiritual truths. It was from a different deck but it was suggesting that I commit fully to my learning.

This made so much sense to me. As I know I feel I cannot be a teacher unless I commit to learning. I re-read the blackbird meaning of following my purpose and potential and was guided back to creating daily time for me to study. I feel between the blackbird and the cards I really was guided towards where I needed to be.

In ancient, shamanism or druid culture’s, we are very guided by nature. The beliefs we can learn and are given messages from mother earth. Now whether you believe this or not I’ve got an exercise I’d like to share with you. You can call it a mindful walk, medicine walk or nature walk.

Mindful Walk/Medicine Walk

I’d love you to take a walk. In nature. Maybe you have something on your mind, maybe your seeking answers on something or maybe nothing at all. You can if you wish set an intention for you to ne guided to a solution or maybe you just head out with an open mind.

You can do this in the city, or if you can get into nature then do that. Head out paying attention to your feet being connected to the ground. Listening and feeling rooted. Begin your walk breathing deeply, releasing letting go. Take time to connect with your surroundings. Engaging all senses. Recognise that what you are being shown is significant to you. It could be a bird like I’ve mentioned above, it could be a certain street sign, smell, or cloud formation.

Enjoy your walk knowing and trusted you will be guided to the thought, image or thing you need. When you return home grab your journal and make a note. This may not give you an instant understanding. But over time you may get the answer o that you are looking for.

What I love about these signs is that they don't just disappear if you haven't acknowledged that first moment I guarantee there will be a reminder that keeps coming.

Let's meet Mr pigeon. I never see pigeons in my garden. I have never seen a wood pigeon in my garden or near my home. But last week along with the Blackbird I could hear this pigeon in the tree in my garden. I love the soothing sound of a wood pigeon. as I sat outside my garden chair the pigeon got closer to me and I was thinking is this a sign? I headed inside and forgot. the next morning I wake up look out my kitchen window and here's the wood pigeon. I make my cacao and I think I must look up the meaning of the wood pigeon. again I go I sit I meditate of forget to look up the meaning of the wood pigeon. As I rise from a meditation I look out my living room window and yes you guessed it who's sitting at my living room window Mr wood pigeon. I start laughing and say I hear you universe thank you.

A simple Google explains that the pigeon comes to you at a time of reconciliation and joy. It is a time of the heart and a time to trust. It's asking you to pause and look around and to look within yourself. It is a guide for us to connect with our inner child to follow our hearts and to trust the journey. (taken from The Magic Compass, Barry Brailsford, Wisdom of the Four Winds).

Wow again. Thank you, universe. I spend time in contemplation. The pigeon and the Blackbird came at the ideal time. A time where I knew in my heart, I needed to connect to that core value of spiritual connection, study and following my own path in the words of the Blackbird singing my own tune.

So for each and every one of us let's take time to connect with their own song to play your own tune. For when you connect with that life can feel more aligned joyful and connected.


Another thing that has been coming through really strong this week for myself and others I meet is a desire for a simpler life. Simplicity clarity and freedom. Maybe it's because I'm currently in the process of working with a Marie Kondo de-clutterer, but I am certainly finding such joy and finding opportunities to simplify my life and business.

As humans we love to complicate. For most if it's easy we think there must be more to it. but today I want to urge you to accept simplicity and ease. And one of the things where again simplicity and ease brought me such joy this weekend was through making pizza.

As someone who is gluten free and vegetarian finding the perfect pizza is never an easy task. However let me share this super easy and fricking amazing pizza recipe with you. This has passed all standard test. i.e My Daughter and her friends ha ha. They think when they made it themselves it is better than dominoes.

Cooking when simple, no complicated ingredient lists, just pure raw ingredient joy can bring such a sense of peace and satisfaction.

Enjoy this recipe.

I’d love you to think of something you do that is simple and brings joy. Hold that thought of simplicity this week. See if there are opportunities for you to create more simplicity in your life. Life can be complicated enough with out us adding to it.

Feel free to share your face simple recipe with me. I’d love to give it a try.

Much Love

Susi xxx

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