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What my clients say...

"I went to Susi for the Anxiety package over a period of around 8 weeks the results have been outstanding. I can control my anxiety a lot more and also keep myself calm in situations that I struggled before. Definitely recommend Susi xxxxx"

Gordon Grimmer, Aberdeen

"Thank you so much Susi. My Reiki session gave me so much more than I expected and I am feeling the benefits still. Your peaceful spirit and beautiful surroundings are perfect for setting your clients at ease and ready to relax. The “me time” was worth every penny. Hugs xxx 🙏"

Claire John, Aberdeen

"Had a wonderful distance reiki session with Susi tonight. Can't explain how this works but it was wonderful. Felt very calm and relaxed after it. Would recommend for sure xx"

"Had my first ever Reiki session yesterday and found it very beneficial. I went not knowing what to expect but found myself to be very relaxed after the session. I have been suffering from bad headaches very frequently and had one previous to going into my session. This completely went when the session was completed. Not sure how this happened!! Susi is very professional and understanding. I would highly recommend and will defo be going back!"

Jackie Stewart, Aberdeen

Joyce Rosser, Stirling

"Susi is fantastic! She came for the activity to a MISS (miscarriage information support service) support group held in Aberdeen with meditation and natural health/healing advice and information. Really approachable and helpful for MISS, personally and my kids."

Abi Clarke, Aberdeenshire

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