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So many of my clients love the strength they get when working with others on the same path. When we connect as group with similar goals everything seems more achievable, more fun. It allows us to create more consistent lifestyle choices whilst raising our vibration. 

Making a commitment to attend regular meditation and mindfulness classes and committing to your self-care can be a challenge with so many other things to factor into our daily lives. Yet committing to looking after ourselves mind, body and soul is essential to our health and happiness. 

It got me thinking, this is a challenge and problem for so many. So I’ve created a solution. An online membership space. With community at its core. 


A space to further develop our connection, to support each of us in building on our Meditation, Mindfulness, Mindset, Health and Happiness. With support from me and guest experts monthly. What better way to do this than with each other.  Accessible worldwide on all devices, away from social media so no distractions. A place where you can breathe deeply, find calm and connection.

"The Spirit and Soul Membership is like a gym membership for my mental health"

If you are looking to build consistent practices that support you mind, body and soul, connect with like minded people in a supportive space, develop your meditation and mindfulness practices, create supportive daily practices and create a lifestyle and life you love, then join me at Spirit and Soul Membership...

Your Pathway to Health, Healing and Happiness!

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What  to Expect

On a monthly basis here is what YOU can expect to receive as a member

  • Monthly Live Meditation Class with Susi

  • Monthly pre-recorded Class with Susi

  • Free Monthly Meditation download

  • Monthly Themes to explore together

  • First access to Meditations prior to them being available elsewhere

  • Opportunity to ask questions and receive support from your community and Susi

  • Monthly Masterclasses from experts within meditation, mindfulness, health (mental, physical, emotional), well-being and lifestyle

  • Breathing Techniques to calm, energise & relax

  • Bonus meditation releases, journaling prompts, self-care ideas to implement and more...

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